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Our Work

We provide a variety of resources including casework, a homework help after-school program, as well as community education! 



The United States resettlement process expects refugees to become self-sufficient within 8 months of arrival. For refugees from Burma, the majority of whom come from rural farming backgrounds, many are unable to speak English and/or have had no opportunity to learn to read in their own languages. This population needs ongoing support for translation and navigating new and unfamiliar systems in the United States, systems that often do not exist in their country of origin. Casework is provided twice a week to assist community members with daily tasks such as reading post, contacting service providers and other individual needs.


Homework Help

Arriving in the United States, with little to no English and low education levels – a result of different teaching methodologies and poor resources in the refugee camp – children from Burma face many challenges adapting to the United States education system. As seen with other refugee populations, this can lead to frustration, depression and in the worst case school drop outs or anti-social behavior. SayDaNar’s after school homework help program supports children with their homework by providing extra volunteer support in their own language as well as English. The program not only supports children whose parents are working long hours, or who do not have the language skills to support their children with homework, but provides interaction and learning together with American volunteers, leading to greater assimilation, and ultimately increased educational opportunities.

  • Provide Supplemental income for their families

  • Maintain and promote their cultural heritage

  • Teach their children and new generation their cultural skills and traditions


Community Education

SayDaNar works with service providers to host and translate workshops to support community members to adapt to cultural differences, understand and navigate systems, and integrate into life in the United States. To date, SayDaNar has partnered with Mill City Grows, Merrimack Housing Initiative, Lowell Community Health Center and Washington Savings Bank. SayDaNar welcomes interest from service providers who may wish to reach out to the community from Burma.

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